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5 Complaints About CPAP Machines

October 14, 2021


CPAP therapy is the most effective treatment available for sleep apnea, helping patients sleep better and longer throughout the night. Despite this, numerous studies show that up to 50% of people prescribed CPAP therapy either don’t use their CPAP correctly or quit treatment shortly after starting. Many patients find it challenging to get used to their CPAP machines. But the good news is, if one CPAP mask or device doesn’t work for you, there are other options. Here are the top five CPAP complaints and what you can do about them.

Wrong Size or Style CPAP Mask

Most CPAP masks are adjustable and come in various shapes and sizes. If your mask is too tight or slipping off while you sleep, you may have the wrong size. Similarly, an uncomfortable or painful mask is a good indication of a poor fit. If you’re struggling with your CPAP mask, you could ask your doctor for instructions, or you can contact us. Even if you’re not our customer currently, we’ll be happy to help!

Dry, Stuffy Nose

For best CPAP therapy results, your mask should fit snugly but not too tight. A leaky mask, which often occurs if the mask is loose or ill-fitted, can dry out the nose, making it stuffy and irritated. Check to make sure your mask fits well before you go to sleep. If you still wake up with a dry, stuffy nose, a nasal saline spray may provide relief. Adding a heated humidifier to your CPAP device may also help relieve symptoms.

Skin Irritation or Pressure Sores

Wearing a CPAP mask that is too tight can irritate the skin and cause uncomfortable pressure sores. These complaints about CPAP machines can be addressed by adjusting the pads and straps on your mask to get a better fit. However, if making adjustments doesn’t relieve the irritation, you should consider purchasing a different size mask. If you develop any skin sores, it’s best to tell your doctor immediately for treatment options. We can also help you find the best fit, even over the phone. Contact us, and we’ll help you find your best fit.

Difficulty Getting Used to Wearing the CPAP Device

Getting used to wearing a mask while you sleep can be challenging, and it’s one of the top CPAP complaints from new users. If you were recently prescribed CPAP therapy, try wearing just the mask for short periods while you’re awake. Once you get used to how that feels, you’ll start seeing the difference when you sleep. Don’t skip any nights, though. Stick with it for at least a few weeks to see if the mask and pressure settings are right for you.

Unintentionally Removing the CPAP Device While Sleeping

It’s normal to occasionally wake up and find that you’ve removed your CPAP mask in your sleep. If you move a lot in your sleep, you may find that a full-face mask is more suitable for your needs. A chin strap can also help secure the device to your face. Got questions? Give us a call, or fill in the form below, and we’ll help as quickly as possible.

How Advanced Homecare Can Help with CPAP Complaints

CPAP therapy can have a remarkable effect on your health and overall quality of life. Using CPAP machines may be frustrating at first, but it will get easier with time. At Advanced Homecare, we offer a wide range of supplies for CPAP, APAP, or BiLevel, including Pulse Oximeters and oral appliances. If you need CPAP supplies or help with your CPAP machine, contact us today.

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