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5 Podcasts to Help You Sleep

April 11, 2023


5 Podcasts to Help You Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to our overall health and well-being. However, with the stresses of daily life and constant exposure to technology, getting a restful night’s sleep can be challenging. Listening to a podcast is one way to combat trouble falling asleep or insomnia. Here are five podcasts to check out to distract a racing mind at night.

Stories to Put You to Sleep

Hosted by Kathryn Nicolai, Nothing Much Happens is a podcast featuring bedtime stories. Each episode features a different story specifically designed to help listeners unwind, often slow-paced and calming, making them the perfect way to relax after a long day. Additionally, Nicolai’s voice is exceptionally soothing, making Nothing Much Happens an excellent choice for those who have trouble falling asleep. The stories are designed to help listeners let go of their thoughts and worries and drift off into a restful night’s sleep.

Reading of Classics

Sleepy, hosted by Otis Gray, is a podcast where a different classic work of literature is read, from novels to short stories. The stories are often slow-paced and calming, making them the perfect way to wind down after a long day. Gray’s voice is also highly soothing, making Sleepy an excellent choice to slow down your mind. The podcast provides a unique way to engage with classic literature while putting you to sleep. 

Meditations for a Calm Mind

Tracks to Relax is a podcast with guided meditations to put you to sleep. Hosted by Dr. Harry Henshaw, each episode features a different themed meditation, ranging from beach relaxation to forest walks. The meditations are accompanied by calming music and sound effects to soothe the mind. Additionally, Dr. Henshaw’s voice is calming and reassuring, making Tracks to Relax an excellent choice for those needing extra help falling asleep. 


ASMR Sleep Station is a podcast with ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) content designed to help listeners relax and fall asleep. Autonomous sensory meridian response is often triggered by specific sounds or sensations, such as whispering or tapping. The ASMR content on ASMR Sleep Station is designed to begin this sensation, which can help promote relaxation and sleep. Each episode features a different sound or sensation, such as rain sounds or brushing sounds, designed to help listeners unwind and fall asleep.

Sleep Music

Slow Radio is a podcast by the BBC that features slow, calming sounds worldwide. Each episode takes listeners on a journey through different locations and environments, such as the sound of waves crashing on a beach or the sounds of a forest. The sounds are often accompanied by gentle narration, which provides context and helps listeners to immerse themselves in the environment. Slow Radio is an excellent choice for those who find nature sounds and ambient noise calming and relaxing.

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