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Advanced Homecare Named Among The Top Sleep Therapy Providers

August 29, 2023


Advanced Homecare Named Among The Top Sleep Therapy Providers

Healthcare Business Review has named Advanced Homecare one of 2023’s top sleep therapy providers. Let’s take a look at what got Advanced Homecare to the top.

Specialized Treatment and Individualized Care

According to CEO Gabriel Quintanilla, what sets Advanced Homecare apart from the rest of the industry is an “exclusive focus on sleep apnea” and staying up to date on the latest developments in sleep medicine. Healthcare Business Reviews also focuses on individualized treatment plans, from setting up appointments to getting information about the correct use of positive airway pressure (PAP) technology, as more reason for the success of Advanced Homecare. These aspects of the business aim to make compliance with sleep apnea therapies simple for patients. These protocols yield a compliance rate in the high 80s, much better than the industry average of around 55%

Great Working Environment

Healthcare Business Review specifically highlighted Advanced Homecares employees and positive work culture as factors to the company’s success. Hiring skilled and passionate individuals and treating them as valuable assets to Advanced Homecare makes this team so great. An emphasis on employee well-being through flexible vacation policies and surprise bonuses promotes loyalty and dedication to work. Healthcare Business Review calls Advanced Homcare’s team mentality “remarkable.” Further, focusing on empathy makes the company feel like family and patients can feel it. 

Looking Behind and Ahead

During Covid-19, Advanced Homecare found ways to reach patients and provide them with the best care possible. Advanced Homecare still found success throughout the pandemic, from scheduling calls to set up equipment to working around supply chain issues to get patients the therapies they needed. A proactive approach and communicative team ensured the pandemic hindered their patients as little as possible. Even better, they never raised prices on supplies or laid off employees.

In the future, Advanced Homecare’s sister company is using the same model to distribute supplies and care for Type II Diabetics. They hope to find similar success in this industry. Are you having trouble sleeping and want to be evaluated for sleep apnea, you can start your journey to better sleep with Advanced Homecare here

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