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Camping With a CPAP

May 26, 2022


camping with a CPAP

Summer is finally here! Time for cookouts and parties, beach time, or lake time. It’s also time for campouts with the family. Sleeping when you’re camping is not normally the best. That being said, sleeping outside can strengthen the circadian rhythm and help sleep apnea patients get back to sleeping well. 

Traveling with a full-size PAP machine can be cumbersome, so here are our recommendations for traveling AND treating your sleep apnea safely. 

A TravelPAP

This machine weighs less than one pound! It is ideal for people that travel or have an active lifestyle. At Advanced Homecare this PAP is the choice for military service people during deployment. This would be our number one choice for anyone camping, hiking, or backpacking. 

An Oral Device 

A PAP machine is better for sleep apnea patients than an oral device, but in rare cases, there are patients that cannot learn to sleep with a mask. In these cases – and perhaps for camping – an oral device would be a good option. If you want to try an oral device for your trip, be sure to test it plenty before you leave.

Your Full-Size CPAP 

It’s not ideal, but your full-size PAP machine is better than none at all. If you are camping without hiking, a full-size PAP will be fine. You might want to consider who will be sharing your tent and whether you can find a space alone so that no one else will be kept awake.  

If you aren’t sure which option will work for you, reach out to us. At Advanced Homecare, we work with doctors, patients, and insurance companies to ensure the best night’s sleep possible. Whether you are looking at taking a trip this summer, going camping with the family, or simply looking to make every night at home a better night, we can help you sleep. Call us toll free at  1-800-758-7571 or use the form below to get in touch with our agents. 

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