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New Discoveries from Sleep Apnea Research

January 31, 2023


New Discoveries for Sleep Apnea

The field of sleep apnea research is thriving, and studies are frequently released to find new ways to treat sleep apnea and work toward a cure. This field is constantly evolving, but we’ve got you covered with the latest sleep apnea discoveries.

Sleep Apnea Research News: 

Treating Sleep Apnea Helps Prevent Connected Diseases

While the connection between sleep apnea, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia has been established, new research shows that treating sleep apnea with a CPAP machine may delay or prevent the early onset of the symptoms of dementia. Similar evidence also finds that treating sleep apnea may decrease the risk of developing heart disease. While researchers fight to find the causes behind the connections between these conditions, scientists are finding new possible preventative measures for these devastating diseases. 

New Treatment Methods

One of the most exciting developments in sleep apnea research is finding new ways to treat the condition. One developing treatment option recently approved by the FDA is upper airway stimulation therapy. This treatment option shows excellent potential to be a minimally invasive treatment for sleep apnea patients who are PAP intolerant. Another new minimally invasive option is oral appliance therapy. Since 2010, research has been conducted to see if custom oral devices affect sleep apnea patients and early analysis of the treatment is promising. 

New Surgical Strategies

In 2021, the FDA approved a new surgery development for obstructive sleep apnea. This procedure doesn’t cure the disease but monitors breathing and stimulates the hypoglossal nerve to stiffen the tongue and allow easier breathing when a breathing pause is detected. The surgery is less invasive and paves the way for future research into PAP alternatives. 

Methods of Diagnosis

Most scientists think that sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed due in part to the often tricky and inconvenient method of diagnosis. Sleep apnea research has led to the development of new at-home sleep study machines to make this process easier. This technology will encourage people to seek out sleep studies and prevent a person from going undiagnosed. 

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