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Sleep Drunkenness

May 19, 2022


Over the last few decades, there has been an increase in studies on sleep apnea. We have identified and named many more sleep issues, including sleep drunkenness, thanks to these studies. 

What is Sleep Drunkenness? 

Sleep drunkenness leads to people waking up feeling a rush of adrenaline, often along with a feeling of confusion, a lapse in memory, or slow speech. Some people have reported being aggressive, rude, or simply blunt with their family upon waking.

Sufferers usually wake quite suddenly with these symptoms. After a short burst of awake time, many sufferers fall back to sleep. This sometimes happens over and over. 

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), sleep drunkenness (also known as confusional arousals) is a type of parasomnia, meaning a disruptive sleep-related disorder

What Causes Sleep Drunkenness?

A lack of sleep generally causes sleep drunkenness. The issue is most common in the following circumstances: 

  • The patient works on shifts, often changing from night to day or consistently working night shifts. 
  • A stressful lifestyle is affecting sleep patterns.
  • The patient is not sleeping enough due to a lack of exercise and outdoor time. 
  • The patient is suffering from depression.
  • Sleep apnea or other sleep disorders are also a condition of the patient. 
  • Alcohol or drug abuse. 
  • Being woken too early or too suddenly. 

Who is likely to suffer from the condition? 

Children are more likely to suffer from sleep drunkenness. 

“Confusional arousals occur at the same rate among both men and women. Rates are high among children and adults under the age of 35. It may occur in as many as 17% of children. About 3% to 4% of adults have confusional arousals.” (AASM)

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