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Sleeping Outside With A CPAP

June 1, 2022


camping with a CPAP

Summer is closing in on us after a long winter and spring. If you are excited to get outside, perhaps you’ve considered camping. But sleeping is hard enough for sleep apnea patients, let alone sleeping outside without your normal creature comforts. That being said, it can be done! 

We laid out the best way to manage sleeping outside with PAP machines or alternatives in a previous blog. Now, let’s talk about other ways to ensure the best night’s sleep while you are out in the wild. 

Don’t let OSA stop you from enjoying a good time outside! 

Sleep Apnea and Camping

How to manage sleeping outside with your OSA

To sleep outside with any level of comfort, make sure to prepare. First, make sure you have the right equipment.

  1. Tent.

Make sure the tent you are using has enough space for all people. If you are prepping a camping trip with the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or similar organization, check with the planning team so you know what is required before you buy a tent. You may need extra gear to ensure you sleep well, so you might have to make a special request,

  1. Mattress.

The flat ground will make it harder to sleep. Inflatable mattresses are not the most comfortable, and often double mattresses will fold in the middle if two people share, especially when one person shifts. It is better to sleep individually on a single mattress in this case.

  1. Sleeping Bag/ Blankets.

Check the temperature before you leave and anticipate that the weather might be 10 degrees colder or warmer so that you are fully prepared. Just like dressing for cold weather, using layers to sleep is better than one heavy blanket.

Sleeping bags are recommended over blankets because they will keep you from getting cold underneath your body where the cold can often catch you by surprise.

Prepare Your Space

When you reach the campground or space where you will sleep, take a few moments to choose the best way to lay out your equipment.

  1. Choose a space with even ground.

It can be tempting to choose the spot with the best view, but even ground will help/you sleep better, which in turn will help you to enjoy your trip, including the part where you enjoy the view!

  1. Use a compass.

When you pitch your tent, figure out where the sun will rise (i.e. which way is east?) and decide whether you want to wake up early with the heat glaring down on you, or whether sleeping in is more your style.

  1. Do all you can to avoid mosquitoes and sunburn.

Whether it means adding a mosquito net or covering yourself in lotion, do whatever needs to be done to be sure that you aren’t kept awake by feeling uncomfortable.

At Advanced Homecare, we work with doctors, patients, and insurance companies to ensure the best night’s sleep possible. Whether you are looking at taking a trip this summer, going camping with the family, or simply looking to make every night at home a better night, we can help you sleep. Call xxx or use the form below to get in touch with our agents.

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