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Trouble Sleeping? 5 Tips To Improve Your Sleeping Habits

October 9, 2020


Sleep. It’s so important you get at the very least, seven hours every night. Healthy sleeping habits are vital as they enable the body to repair and be fit and ready for another day. Getting adequate rest may also help prevent excess weight gain, heart disease, and increased illness duration.

So, if you’re tossing and turning at night, waking up gasping for air or snoring, you’ll want to follow these useful tips to eliminate these common sleep problems.

Maintain Consistent Sleeping Habits

It’s so easy to lie in on those lazy Saturdays. But being in-sync with your body’s natural circadian rhythm is one of the best ways to sleep better. 

Try going to sleep at the same time every day. This will help set your body clock and optimize your quality of sleep. If you’re getting enough sleep, you should be waking up at a natural time. If you need an alarm clock, you need to go to bed earlier!

Also, avoid sleeping late on the weekends lest you knock your whole schedule off and feel incredibly tired on Monday morning.

Exercise During The Day

It’s simple: exercise more, sleep better. Those who exercise not only improve their sleep quality, they also feel more awake during daylight hours. Research shows that regular exercise also improves the symptoms of insomnia and Sleep Apnea and increases the amount of time you spend in the deep, restorative sleep stages.

Exercise doesn’t have to be painful. If thinking about being in a gym for 40 minutes makes you nauseous, think about walking around the neighborhood for forty minutes while listening to music or a book on tape instead. 

Wind Down Before Bed

If you lay down in bed with 1,000 thoughts racing through your mind, it feels impossible to fall asleep. It happens to all of us at some point. We have something playing on our minds. Maybe it’s for a job interview, or feeling overwhelmed, or an upcoming appointment. But with so much on your mind, you can’t seem to fall asleep. If you’re in a state of anxiety, your body won’t let you shut your eyes as your brain tells you you’re in danger. 

To strengthen healthy sleeping habits, don’t avoid it by filling your head with TV or social media. Instead, try writing out your feelings or concerns, taking a moment to breathe, and think about them calmly. Then, lay the paper somewhere you can deal with them tomorrow (far from your bed) and get into bed earlier than usual, closing your eyes, and taking nice long deep breaths to open up your mind to thoughts that make you happy. 

Lighting Is Key

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone controlled by light exposure that helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Your brain secretes more melatonin when it’s dark—making you sleepy—and less when it’s light—making you more alert.

However, with so much artificial light in our homes, you may be inadvertently telling your brain it’s noon by scrolling through your social media feeds while lying in bed. Minimize disruption by putting away your device for at least an hour before bedtime.

Could It Be Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea refers to a range of disorders, but the most common is Obstructive Sleep Apnea when your throat muscles repeatedly relax and block airways during sleep. When the soft tissues in your throat, such as your tongue and soft palate, temporarily relax, your airway is narrowed or closed, and breathing is momentarily cut off.

While you sleep, are you doing any of the following?

  • Making gasping, snorting, or choking noises
  • Waking up a lot
  • Snoring loudly
  • Your breathing is stopping and starting

During the day, do you do any of the following?

  • Feel very tired
  • Find it hard to concentrate
  • Have mood swings
  • Have a headache when you wake up

Sleep Apnea can be severe if it’s not diagnosed and treated. Consult a doctor if you or your partner have any of the main symptoms.

Since opening as a small team of three back in 2005, our mission at Advanced Homecare Online has been to provide the very best Sleep Apnea Treatments for our patients.

We specialize in one-on-one relationships. Our office team members and Patient Care Instructors are committed to educating their patients about their condition and understanding each patient’s specific needs.

We’re proud of what we do. Learn how we can help treat your Sleep Apnea now!

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