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Update on The Philips Recall of CPAP machines

August 24, 2022


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In June of 2021, Philips recalled 3 to 4 million CPAP devices. In August of the same year, they extended the recall to 5.5 million devices. One year on, let’s take a look at the progress. 

Why Did Philips Recall CPAP devices? 

The devices were recalled after it was found that the foam being used grades and can cause serious medical conditions, even cancer. 

“Foam used to dampen the machines’ sound can degrade and emit small particles that irritate airways, the group said as it announced the recall. Gases released by the degrading foam may also be toxic or carry cancer risks.” (Reuters)

What was the initial impact?

The impact on Philips was huge. They took a $303 million charge for the incident, with shares down by 10% in the fourth quarter of 2021. (Wall Street Journal) 

Philips started releasing replacement devices in September of 2021 but do not expect to complete the recall until the 4th quarter of 2022. Two-thirds of the machines recalled are in the US (Philips is a European company).

Are CPAP Machines Hard To Find?

Competitors like Resmed stepped up to try filling the gap left by Philips, but the supply chain shortage, specifically of computer chips, has made it impossible to ramp up production of CPAP units enough to fill the gap completely. 

According to ResMed CEO Mick Farrell: “We are doing everything that we can to partner further and further up our supply chain in order to increase our access to the supply of the parts, the pieces and the components that we need to manufacture at scale,” he said. “We expect to be in a somewhat supply chain-constrained environment throughout fiscal year 2022.”

For their part, Philips recently named a new chief executive, Roy Jakobs, to lead it through the recall. (Reuters)

Does Advanced Homecare Have CPAPs available? 

Yes, we still have CPAPs available for our patients. We can also offer alternative options, where possible. If you have a Philips unit that might be affected by the recall, we can also help you figure out your options 

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