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What’s the Latest on the Phillips Recalls?

May 8, 2023


What's the Latest on the Phillips Recalls?

As the case continues to unfold, people are heavily criticizing Phillips for the recalls of their ventilators and PAP machines and for the company’s response to the recalls. Here is the latest news on the Phillips recalls. 

History of Phillips Recalls

In 2021, Phillips issued the first recalls for 20 devices including the Respironix and various PAP machines after concerns were raised by the public about the foam inside the units breaking off and entering users’ mouths. This was an FDA Class I Recall, the most severe recall class. The effort to fix these issues in the affected devices led to another Phillips recall.  

What Are the Current Allegations?

Regarding the repaired Respironix and PAP machines, the FDA says Phillips issued incorrect duplicate serial numbers on the devices they sent back to customers. This error can lead to the delivery of the wrong prescription to devices, which can have detrimental effects on sleep apnea patients, like heart failure, respiratory failure, or death. Again, this was a Class I recall. 

The attention that the Phillips Recalls brought to the dangerous respiratory devices has resulted in a class action lawsuit, tying complaints to cancer, chest pain, and pneumonia. The FDA has received over 98,000 complaints since the first recalls were issued, including 346 deaths reported to the FDA. The case is still developing, and we will not know what the recalls will have on Phillips.  

Phillips Response

For years, while customers filed complaints, Phillips did nothing to respond to their worries that the devices were harming them. This only changed after the initial recalls, where they said they would repair affected devices. Phillips issued multiple statements downplaying the severity of the faulty products and how many were faulty. As frustration has continued to build among patients around Phillips and their practice, the company’s stock prices have dropped significantly, and there have been considerable layoffs. Customers will undoubtedly pay attention to the company’s reactions to the lawsuits and recalls against them. 

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