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Our Mission

Advanced Homecare understands the importance of making sure our patients are knowledgeable and confident about using the therapy that has been prescribed. We feel privileged for each patient we have the opportunity to serve. Both our office team members and Patient Care Instructors are committed to educating their patients about their condition and understanding each patient’s specific needs. 

We understand that working with doctors and other referrers, insurance companies, and medical appliance providers can be confusing and frustrating. Advanced Homecare is committed to helping each patient understand the process, making it easier for each patient to get the care they need and the service they deserve.

If you have any concerns about your service, please complete the following form to elevate your issue. We document patient / referral source interaction and feedback in an effort to constantly improve our quality of care. We welcome your comments as they allow us to improve our organization and the customized care we provide.

Founder and CEO,

Gabriel Quintanilla

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Our Values

We strive for perfection to achieve excellent patient service.

We nurture a work environment where each person is valued, respected and has an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

We are committed to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and professionalism.

We obey all laws and regulations to give you peace of mind.

We maintain company growth by continually reinvesting in our employees and facilities.

Our Team

Gabe Quintanilla

Gabe Quintanilla

CEO/ Founder

Gabriel Quintanilla is the founder and CEO of Advanced Homecare. Quintanilla started Advanced Homecare in 2005 after a lengthy career in sleep medicine. Throughout his career, Quintanilla has recognized the value of hard work that serves a greater good and established Advanced Homecare to offer such fulfillment to more people. He started the company with three employees and covered every necessity – from marketing to clinical services and administrative work – during the company’s initial stages. He admits that wearing all hats was difficult but is extremely grateful to have a solid understanding of every aspect of the business.

Prior to starting Advanced Homecare, Quintanilla worked as an Operational Manager for Integrated Health, where he started his tenure as a clinician and was soon promoted to account executive in marketing. Quintanilla was extremely successful in this role, growing the company 400% and leading to his promotions.

Quintanilla has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, often finding new business lines and different ways to serve patients. Born in San Diego and raised in Idaho and Washington State, Quintanilla enjoys spending time outdoors, fishing, and hiking, as well as golfing. He is a lover of all music and his favorite way to spend a day is simply spending time with his three daughters.

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Janet Stephens

Janet Stephens

Regional Manager of Administration

Anthony Amoroso

Anthony Amoroso

Regional Operations Manager

Weaster Chhun

Weaster Chhun

Director of Marketing

Jason Don

Jason Don

Lead Clinical Manager

Chelsey Wayne

Chelsey Wayne

Executive Administrator

Advanced Homecare is always accepting new patients, and we love to hear from our existing patients as well. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line!